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Five Ways To Keep Your Truland Home Organized

Moving into your new Truland home is always a treat! Everything is brand new, unused, and pristine...but after a couple of months, life happens! Here are a few tips space by space to keep you organized and your home looking beautiful!


To utilize the most amount of storage in your oversized pantry, use storage containers and bins to store dry foods on one of our multiple hardwood shelves. With the extra space, you can organize cleaning supplies and essential household items in your pantry, along with your food. A quick tip for making it kid-friendly, create a specific section for snacks for your family and little ones to grab and go. Lastly, use labels on clear containers for easy accessibility.


Our kitchens come equipped with bountiful storage space and cabinets.  Maximize your counter space with a turntable to put spices on close to the stove and next to your favorite cookbook. For the fridge, add clear bins to store fruit, vegetables, drinks, and snacks for easy access. Also, creating a fun coffee bar on your back counter with everything you enjoy can make mornings easy and enjoyable. Everything is better with a little organization! 


In our spacious bedrooms, you can store blankets in a bin next to your afternoon chair or even gather extra bins to slip under your bed to hide away extra bedding. Another great organization technique we love for the bedroom is utilizing and making the most of your nightstand – find one with plenty of drawers to store your necessities, as well as having storage underneath for things like phone chargers, books etc. A good nightstand can store almost everything you need, without it being on display all the time - reducing clutter.


Keep the vanity in your bathroom clutter-free so you can see the space. Only have the important items you use daily on your counter for easy access. Use clear acrylic containers for things like cotton swabs, cotton balls or anything else you use that would need to be organized. Having bins for extra towels and washcloths under the sink makes for an easy grab when you may have forgotten to get your towels out of the dryer (we've all been there). Lazy Susan’s are also great for storing essentials out of sight like extra toothpaste, hairbrushes, make up, accessories and anything else you prefer. 

Entry Way:

As a space that is convenient for dropping off items in and out the door, there are many ways you can erase the clutter. Adding bins underneath the bench to store shoes in, as well as putting hangers above to place coats and purses can save space where you can actually sit on the bench. Placing decorative baskets up top to store easy-access items like things for your car, snacks on the go, keys, dog leashes, etc. This area is also close to the laundry room, where you can conveniently drop off dirty clothes and shoes to wash.

We hope you find these tips helpful and continue to enjoy your Truland Home! 

From Our Customers
We love the quality workmanship of Truland, our home doesn’t look like every other house in the community and really maximizes the square footage. We have looked at a lot of the other builders and really appreciated the Truland building. Truland has my business as long as I am buying homes. - William Hartman