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Frequently Asked Questions

At Truland, we like to provide our customers with the best possible home buying experience. Click on one of the categories below to have our most frequent questions answered. Feel free to contact us with any other questions!

Can I buy a home already under construction and make changes to it?
Depending upon the stage of construction, the answer is yes. With pre-sales, you can personalize everything from the beginning! Speak with your agent for more details.

How long does it take to build a home?
Depending upon the stage of construction and if it’s a pre-sale, your new home building process can be as little as a month to between 6 and 8 months from the day you sign your contract to the day you close.

How long after we write an offer will building start?
Your home typically begins within 30-60 days of your contract being signed.

Who will be my contact throughout the selection and building process?
Your Truland sales agent will be your primary contact throughout the entire process. They will act as an intermediary between different staff members and yourself.

How will I be updated during the building process?
Truland Homes works hard to ensure that you are well informed throughout the entire building process of your new home. Every week, your Truland sales agent meets with your personal project manager in order to discuss current progress. Your agent will then ensure you are informed about that progress.

What is Earnest Money?
Earnest money is the amount of money a builder collects in order to execute the contract and start the building process. 100% of that money is credited back to the buyer at closing.

Do I need my down payment at the time I sign my contract?
No, but your mortgage company may require you to prove the ability to obtain that money prior to closing.

Where does Truland typically build?
Currently Truland is building along the Gulf Coast with homes stretching along the Alabama coast in cities such as Fairhope, Daphne, Orange Beach and more and onto the Pensacola area of Florida and into Panama City and Santa Rosa Beach and finally into Port St. Joe, Florida. Visit our Where We Build page to learn more.

Why are the standard features different in some neighborhoods?
Truland determines standard features for different communities based on price. We try our hardest to give you the best features available for each different price range.

Why is the same floorplan more expensive in another neighborhood?
Lot prices vary from community to community, so while you might pay one price in one community, you might pay a little more for the exact same floor plan in another community because of the cost to purchase that particular home site.