One Stop Shop
One Stop Shop

Truland Homes is a team of dedicated professionals committed to delivering an expertly crafted home with a care factor you can’t find anywhere else. We look forward to building a relationship with you while we build the home of your dreams.

Currently, the homebuilding journey can shift drastically from market to market, community to community, even home to home. Material delays are abundant and can change on a dime. What is in stock today can be on backorder tomorrow. We are being as creative as possible to deal with material, labor, and weather issues to deliver your home as efficiently as possible. We recognize that these events may cause you frustration and stress but know that our intent is for us to bear that burden if you will trust us and trust our process.

Depending on the stage of construction when you purchase your home, there will be up to four scheduled times to visit the site: the Pre-construction Meeting, the Pre-drywall Meeting, the New Home Demonstration, and the New Home Verification. Your Truland Homes Sales Agent is in daily contact with your Project Manager and will contact you on a regular basis to provide you with a progress report of what we are working on currently and what you can expect next.

Once the drywall stage is complete in your home, we will be in a better position to set a target closing date. Prior to this milestone, any date is a best estimate. Within approximately thirty days of the projected closing date, our Closing Manager, will confirm the remaining timeline and will work with you to schedule your New Home Demonstration, New Home Verification and closing.

A Distinctive Buying Experience
A Distinctive Buying Experience

Purchasing a home is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. It can be overwhelming trying to research companies and solicit recommendations, all while trying to buy the home! We strive to provide the simplicity and peace of mind you deserve and have created a one-stop shop to do just that.

With one team handling the whole transaction, our homebuyers enjoy a seamless buying experience from contract to keys. Title services to pest control are all offered under one roof through our sister companies Sentinel Title and GoPest Solutions.

Normally a real estate agent and title processor all work for different companies, which means they all have different systems, priorities, and ways of doing things. It might even be their first time working together. There are a lot of lines of communication that can become tangled, and a lot of the responsibility falls on you, the homebuyer. When working with us, we take that responsibility off your shoulders, and by working together, we ensure better communication, fewer delays, and a superior experience overall.


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From Our Customers
Working with the team at Truland has been a pleasure. Amber and Andre have been amazing to work with! They have promptly and completely answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. I am thoroughly impressed with the level of craftsmanship that has gone into the construction of my home. It shows me that there are still people that take pride in their craft and that they don't just "throw homes together" to make a dollar. - Tracy Salter