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A new home is more than just a place to stay. It is a place to live. It is an investment for the future: for you, for your family, and for all of those who come after. It is the result of lifelong dreams, fashioned together out of strong walls and supportive beams. It is hours of hard work from the dedicated team you’ve trusted to build it. It is a reflection of you: your hopes, values, tastes, and style. That’s why we believe that our design personalization process is one of the most important components of the home buying experience. Our Design Center experience will give you the power of personal expression as you craft your new home to fit your wants and needs. Through our exclusive Design Center, we provide you with the tools you need to bring your vision – and your home – to life. 

What to expect

Building your new home with Truland is a personal and memorable experience – but it doesn’t happen overnight. If you’ve never built a home before, you may not know what to expect. But meeting your wildest expectations is our job! That’s why we’ve prepared this brief slideshow to let you know the steps of the building process, why we do them, and what comes next. Our dedicated team is available every step of the way to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

Each Truland neighborhood is as unique as the families that live in them. No matter what’s important to you – school district, lot sizes, pricing, or great amenities – we’ve got a neighborhood for you. Choose from our existing sites or see what’s in the works. 

Each family is different, and your neighborhood specialist is here to help you choose a home plan that meets your family’s unique needs. Features like square footage, bedroom and bath count, studies, game rooms, or second living rooms are what makes a home a perfect match for you, so this is the time to be specific and dream big!

Lots come in many different shapes and sizes, and they can affect the cost and timeline of your home. The size, topography, and clearing needs of a site should be considered when making your choice. Your neighborhood specialist will help you find the perfect homesite for the plan and price that fit your needs.

Once you’ve picked your plan and homesite, your neighborhood specialist will prepare your purchase agreement. This is when you will go over all the details of your home, including timelines and any required deposits needed for changes or upgrades you’ve made to your plan.

Once you’ve signed your contract, we’ll engineer your plan specifically for your location, site conditions, and code standards. 

 After your digital plans are approved, you and your neighborhood specialist will have an in-person meeting with your personal project manager. This is an important and exciting meeting! You’ll confirm that the plans are correct and ready to build.

You’re now ready to visit one of our Design Studios. Depending on your location and the home series, you will meet with either a member of our design team or your agent in a personal one-on-one design consultation to make your interior and exterior selections.  This is where your home’s personality shines, so take your time and have fun with it! To learn more about our Design Studios, please visit our Design Center section of the website. 

Once you complete your design selections, it’s time to build! Once construction begins, changes in design will not be allowed. We know it’s hard to wait, so your neighborhood specialist will meet with your personal project manager on a weekly basis and provide you with status updates on your new home.

Before the drywall is installed, you will meet with your project manager at your new home to confirm that your vision has been captured. This includes the options and upgrades you have chosen up to this point. Once confirmed, your project manager will go over the final steps to completion, including the drywall installation – where you’ll begin to see your Truland home come to life. 

Approximately one week before your closing date, we will meet on-site to personally introduce you to your new home. This gives you the chance to confirm the home is complete and ready for closing and move-in.

Your final walk-through is the time to ooh and ahh and confirm that any outstanding items have been completed. From here, it’s just a quick trip to the Sentinel Title Company to sign your closing documents and receive the keys to your new dream home! 


The process of personalizing your home is one of the most exciting stages of building it! All of the magic happens in our exclusive Design Center. First, you’ll meet one-on-one in a personal design consultation with our design team or your sales agent (depending on your location and chosen home series). Here you’ll make your interior and exterior selections, using your own style and vision to make your dream home a reality. Our talented team will guide and support you through each choice you make, from window colors to interior paints and beyond. This crucial step is also one of the most fun – and we can’t wait to help you get started!

Click Find Your Design Center below to find the nearest Design Center near you! We offer convenient locations across the Gulf Coast, so you’re sure to find one nearby. Please note that our Design Centers are available by appointment only.

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Every experience is different for every buyer, which is why we have design centers along the Gulf Coast to assist you in making the selections for your home. To find the closest design center to you, visit one of the links below.