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Grow Fresh Air In Your Home

Looking for functional decor for your new or existing home? Look no further than indoor plants! Adding potted plants to home decorating is a trick which has been utilized by interior designers for many, many years. Of course the right plant both livens up a space as well as refreshes it, but you may not know that our leafy friends are also incredibly powerful purifiers which filter the air that we breath. Some well-placed greenery can not only invigorate a room, but are also fabulously helpful in creating a more relaxing, tranquil, and healthier atmosphere in your home. Keep reading for some of the benefits indoor plants provide as well as a list of my favorite greenery!

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits!

If you are a skeptic who believes that plants belong solely in the outdoors, in the garden, in the sun and away from our living spaces- please allow me the pleasure of changing your mind! Having indoor plants is truly the simplest way to bring the joy of nature into your home. It doesn’t matter your location, whether you live in a dreamy giant green house home or a tiny dim apartment- you can grow your own garden indoors by putting plants in pots or hanging containers. The benefits of having indoor greenery are endless. Let’s cover a few.

Health Benefits

Let’s talk about the health benefits, and start from a biological standpoint. When we breath, inhaling brings oxygen into the body, exhaling releases carbon dioxide. During photosynthesis, plants essentially do just the opposite. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, giving people and plants a very healthy symbiotic relationship- mutualistically both parties benefit. Plants undoubtedly increase oxygen levels, and our bodies certainly appreciate that.

Plants also raise the air’s humidity by releasing water in the form of a moisture vapor, which can aide us in preventing dry skin, respiratory problems, dry coughs and sore throats. In the wild, or at least the outdoors, a plant’s roots tap the groundwater table and through a process known as transpiration, that water evaporates through it’s leaves. Evidently the same thing happens in our home- of course with a different water supply. When indoor plants are introduced to a home environment, the humidity is increased in that living space. While this may sound unappealing during the warm and muggy months, it’s such a gift during the drier months or for those who live in a barren climate.

Not only do plants produce oxygen for our breathing pleasure, but they also absorb those vapors which we definitely shouldn’t ingest. Indoor plants truly make the best natural air purifiers and one of the best solutions when dealing with a family member with allergies! Houseplants cleanse the air we breath from toxic chemicals which are found in many household products, most likely unbenounced to you. Formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide- just to name a few. These toxic chemicals are found in household cleaners, paint, solvents, vinyl, cigarettes- the list goes on. Plants play a vital role in indoor air quality improvement. Both plant leaves and roots are used in removing trace levels of toxic vapors from the air.

General Well Being

Studies suggest that having plants indoors not only reduces stress and fatigue, but actually have the ability to lower one’s heart rate and blood pressure, and reduce the risk of respiratory problems amongst other medical ailments. The benefits, however, certainly don’t stop at preventing illness and reducing stress. Indoor plants like Jasmine, Lavender, Gardenia and Aloe Vera can actually increase the quality of one’s sleep. It’s best to keep these plants in the bedroom as they give off a gentle soothing effect to one’s body and mind. This will lead to better quality of sleep, mood and general wellness.

It positively goes without saying that a house with indoor plants looks and feels more refreshing than one without. Aside from how it’s beauty can make one feel well (and happy!), the presence of plants contributes to the general well being of all of us.

(Some of) The Best Indoor Plants

Bedroom Plants:

-Aloe Vera






Household Plants:


-Spider Plant


-Golden Pothos

-Ponytail Palm

-Prayer Plant


-Dragon Tree


-English Ivy

-Peace Lily

-Snake Plant

-Lucky Bamboo

Many of these plants listed are hardy, and thus hard to kill. It’s important to buy, grow or propagate plants which suit your family’s needs. For instance, some plants can be toxic when ingested and should thus be kept out of reach of children, dogs, cats and other pets. Do some research on your favorites, and let the exciting journey begin!

To a better, brighter, and happier you!

We here at Truland Homes strive to offer you the best tips, tricks and thoughts on living your best life. As always, please contact us with any questions you have regarding building or making your home truly YOURS!


Erica Pounder

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