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Exciting Ways to Make a Newly Designed Home Your Own

Building a new home is exciting. One of the best things about this process is that you are able to completely design your home around what you need and desire. To help you design a home to meet your needs, we have come up with a few exciting ideas for you to consider.

For the Pet Lover

Do you have pets that are members of your household? Help keep them comfortable and clean by designing a pet washing station into your home. Think about turning your drop area into much more than simply a drop area. Not your style? Then think about building an outside shower for you and your pup.

For the Artist

Those who love to spend time dabbling in art will love having a special studio included in their home design. You can easily add in special views, lighting options and shelving to make the room even more special and fit to your needs.

For the Tech Junkie

For those who love all things tech, adding the technology to control your home through your phone is a great addition to your design. Or maybe charging stations throughout your home might do the trick!

For the Health Conscious

To make working out and living a healthy lifestyle that much easier, consider adding in a special gym or designing your kitchen to help you live clean. Need more counter space for cleaning fresh veggies and preparing them? No problem.

For the Environmentally Friendly

Using products that are intended to help save the environment is easy when you are designing a home. There are lots of options that pose less of a risk and put off fewer emissions when a home is being constructed. That could be angled windows to allow for maximum light, glass trapdoor panels at the bottom of your windows to let in a cool breeze or special paint that contains fewer pollutants. Saving on your power bill by saving trees is a great trick too. Check out for more ideas!

For the Family

Those with large families can enjoy adding special game rooms or play rooms to the design of the home. For those families who love watching sports or movies together, adding a media room may be the best option. Maybe you have a large family and want a brilliant sitting room in your master, we have you covered.

These are just a few of the ways you can make your new home design work better for your needs. If you would like to learn more about this process or would like to get started with your own design, contact us today.


Erica Pounder

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