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What to Look for When Comparing Neighborhoods

You don’t just need to build a home that’s perfect for your family, you also need to find a neighborhood that’s perfect for your family. Choosing your home’s neighborhood is a lot like designing the home itself. There are things you absolutely need to have and there are things you’d like to have if life allows. If you haven’t even thought about needing to find the right neighborhood, keep these in mind:


Not all schools are the same, and not every school is right for your child. Take a close look at which neighborhoods you’re considering and the school district your child would attend if you lived there.

Neighborhood Appearance

Are the community areas well maintained? Do the other homeowners take care of their properties? If the answers are yes, that neighborhood probably takes pride in its community and cares for its residents.

Peace and Quiet

What is your noise tolerance? Look at how close the neighborhood is to major freeways and highways. Keep in mind if there are airports, police stations, or fire stations in the vicinity.


How close will your home be to the neighbor’s house? How close will your home be to the neighborhood’s entrance and community areas? If you are someone who needs space, make sure you either find a lot further off from your neighbors, or consider adding a privacy fence.


What does the traffic around the neighborhood get like when everyone is off work? Is it part of the rush hour commute? Can you easily walk to restaurants, shopping, and entertainment?

Local Amenities

Is there convenient shopping? Is your favorite restaurant close by? Are there shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues within walking distance? Not everyone wants to be in the middle of the city’s activity and some want to be in the heart of everything. Which one are you?

Define your must-haves and drive through the neighborhoods to see which ones fit your needs. If you need help finding a neighborhood that fits your family, talk with us. We have 29 available neighborhoods across Baldwin County. Many of them just minutes from the white, sandy beaches along the gulf coast. Some of our neighborhoods are waterfront, some are golf course communities, and some are nature focused. We’re here to help you build the perfect home in your perfect neighborhood.


Erica Pounder

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