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The New Face Of Truland Homes

Truland Homes, a leading homebuilder along the Gulf Coast, announced the rebrand of their company this month. The rebrand includes the addition of four new home lines that will now cater to a larger group of potential buyers. When asked about the evolution of Truland Homes, Nathan Cox, CEO, stated “We have reached a point in our building process that it is time to expand and truly cater to the needs of our clients. We have listened to the wants and needs of potential homeowners and whether it be lower price points, the ability to personalize our plans or the desire to build on their own lot—now we have the capability to do all of that and more.”


With the addition of the new home lines, Truland Homes marketing department knew it was the perfect time to unveil a new Truland Homes as well. Of the logo change, Mallory Higgs, VP of Marketing and Advertising, said “Our rebrand is more than a logo change. It is a story told through thoughtful design. From the colors used to the square in the logo, Truland Homes wanted to not only pay tribute to our history but also show where we are going.”


Customers have come to recognize the name Truland Homes. Now with the addition of four new home lines, Truland Homes wanted to ensure their customers that the same great product they have come to know and expect is still there, which is why they unveiled the Truland Homes of the future… Truland Homes: Family of Brands.

The new branding further enables Truland Homes to stand out. “As we added new lines, we took this opportunity to rethink our entire brand. We are proud to be an industry leader in a rapidly evolving business, and our new brand identity as Truland Homes: Family of Brands will now illustrate just how far our company has come,” stated Nathan Cox.


Erica Pounder, Marketing and Advertising Manager at Truland Homes said, “When adding four new home lines, we knew that we needed to be intentional with the design choices so that the same message was portrayed across all the brands. We knew we needed to bring Truland Homes into the modern design world with simple, sleek and sophisticated choices.”

The first choice was to include “by Truland Homes” in all of the home lines so that customers would instantly connect the new home lines with the service and quality craftsmanship they know from Truland’s primary line. Next, Truland chose to use a square as the common factor in all of the home lines. Erica Pounder explained, “With the use of the square, we wanted to have a shape that was familiar, a shape that is seen as stable and trusting. Each of our home lines reach different markets, the four corners of the homebuilding world if you will, which is represented with the four corners of a square.” When selecting colors she said, “we wanted to make sure we kept part of our history in the rebrand. We decided to keep the blue as an anchor color because blue represents trust and security. We also decided to incorporate white in more of our designs because white represents integrity and comfort. These colors portray the characteristics we hope our customers come to expect from us.”

Mallory Higgs shared this about the new look of Truland Homes, “Another feature customer will begin to see is that the overall design of Truland Homes: Family of brands is sleek and sophisticated with intentional use of colors. We chose to minimize the overall concept so that the images of our homes took front stage, followed by impactful statements that help illustrate what it means to be a part of the Truland Homes family as a homeowner.”



Erica Pounder

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