Truland Buying Experience

Every person comes into our lives for a reason, especially our customers. Sharing the same values, we know that buying a home shouldn’t feel like a transaction, it should feel like joining a family. Part of the Truland Home buying experience is to ensure its distinctive and one that makes you smile.

Setting Expectations

From choosing a floor plan to your final walkthrough, we’ll be there every step of the way. We’ll listen to your thoughts and ideas, helping you perfect your dream.  Take a look at our guide for what to expect when buying a Truland Home. Click here to learn what to expect during the building process.


Your New Home Warranty

The true test of a new home builder comes after the moving van has left. What happens after you get the keys to your brand new home? At Truland Homes, we know the “happily ever after” part is the most important chapter of our story. See below for a broken down look at our four part warranty. For current Truland Homes homeowners, appointments are available from 8-4, Monday – Friday.

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