Who We Are

Creating beautiful homes inspired by the people who live in them—While this is what we do, this is not who we are. We are the neighbor who stops in the grocery store to chat about last week’s little league game or the neighbor who spends their weekend volunteering. We are the neighbor who serves our country and brings honor and commitment back into our community.

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We believe God has a plan for our life. In risking more than others think is safe, and dreaming more than others think is practical. In finding our dance floor. It isn’t the critic who counts. Leadership is a choice, not a title.
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Our Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to see all we can do with all we have been given.

Our Vision 2020

We will close 1,500 homes by 2020 as the market leader for superior homes and a distinctive buying experience. Owning a Truland home will make a statement about our customers as anything but ordinary.

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