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Considering a Home Builder? 4 Important Questions to Ask.

When planning to build a custom home, there are several routes which you can choose to take. Choosing to build a custom home using a custom home builder can feel overwhelming, but hopefully these four questions will help in determining which custom home builder is right for you.

  1. How long have you been in business?
    Custom home builders most certainly have different levels of experience and training. This results in divergent strengths and weaknesses alike. Nothing replaces home building experience, and it’s to be expected that your home builder has perfected their practices through years of experience. Ensuring that your prospective builder has the kind of expertise necessary for achieving your dream home is imperative.

    If you would like to read more about Truland Home’s story, please click here.

  2. Can you supply favorable references/testimonials upon request?
    This question may be overlooked when considering a prospective home builder. References, along with perspective from an experienced client, allows you the opportunity to obtain attainable expectations about your custom home building experience. Testimonials will offer you the opportunity to understand how a builder/project manager/design team all work within your prospective company.

    At Truland Homes, client satisfaction crucial. If you would like to read customer testimonials from previous builds, please click here.

  3. Do you offer any additional services?
    There are aspects and services to consider when personalizing your home which some home builders may not provide. Before deciding on your home builder, it’s beneficial to understand what additional services and products that particular company may or may not provide which are of importance to you and your family. Examples for services include but are not limited to: lot selection, residential design services, exterior home accent features, landscaping, standard features etc.

    Here at Truland Homes, we want your home to truly be yours. If you would like more information regarding our Design Department, please click here.

  4. How do you select subcontractors?
    It is imperative when choosing a home builder that you have an understanding of who is building your home. You should have a direct link (project manager) who can keep you updated during the building process. When building your dream home, you’ll want to choose a home builder who works with subcontractors who are accustomed to doing top notch work. This ensures the quality of your investment!
    When building your Truland Homes custom dream home, we encourage you to stay up to date with your project manager regarding your building process. This allows ease in the building process for both the customer and company alike.

Hopefully these four questions are beneficial during your search for a custom home builder. If you are interested in speaking with us further regarding building your custom dream home, please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!


Erica Pounder

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