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Choose Truland Homes – Here’s Why!

Are you ready to build the home of your dreams? Are you looking for a quality home building experience? You’re in the right place, let us tell you why!

If you and your family are looking to build a new construction home, there are a few different ways to go about it. Now unless you’re handy enough to build it yourself, you face the decision of choosing to separately hire an architect and contractor, or you can choose to work with a home builder like Truland.

Here are just some of the many benefits of choosing to work with Truland Homes:

-Ease in Project Management

When you choose to build with Truland Homes you offer yourself ease in management of the sometimes complicated process of building a home. At Truland, you save yourself the hassle of overseeing an architect, a contractor, a handful of designers, etc. all working for your seperately. When you build your Truland home, you only need to work directly with your project manager and agent and in turn they manage the entire team. This also brings a sense of confidence to both the project manager and home builder alike in knowing that there is an existing and beneficial relationship between all parties- it allows for a smooth and effortless home building experience! Your project manager works closely with your building team, which ensures miscommunications stay at a minimum, providing you a peace of mind that your home is done right the first time and will stay on the projected timeline.

– More for Your Home Building Budget

Truland Homes helps you to achieve your dream home, all the while within your budget. Since the entire home building experience is handled directly with our team, you avoid unnecessary expenses which may arise when working with multiple providers. With Truland Homes, the entire team will be at your disposal!

-Saves You Time

When hiring an architect and contractor separately, you often face a long bidding process- which can often take weeks. When you hire Truland Homes from the start you won’t need to worry about this long, overdrawn process and your home can and will transition smoothly into the build and design phase keeping you on track to be living in your dream home as soon as possible. 

-Your Dream Home!

When you choose Truland Homes to build your dream home, you are choosing just that- to build your dream home. Truland Homes was established in 2011 by it’s founder and CEO, Nathan Cox. His mission to build a company where reputation was more important than bottom line is truly the essence of who we are. When you choose us to build the home of your dreams, you are choosing a company who produces a quality personalized home building experience. We offer you expertise in guiding you through refining your overall vision to fit the the lot you choose and truly meet and exceed your expectations. Above all else, Truland Homes strives to ensure the comfort and stability that the customer always comes first.

We  look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about building the home of your dreams! If you’re interested in speaking with us about getting started, please contact us here.


Erica Pounder

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