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2-10 Warranty and Fortified Gold: Protect What’s Important to You

With Truland’s 2-10 Warranty and Fortified Gold status, you have protected what’s important to you. Your fabulous new home comes with a 2-10 Warranty, taking away your worries regarding the structural workmanship, materials, or defects that plague other homeowners. Your warranty also covers the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical distribution systems (contact us for a copy of the Warranty Booklet for specific details). Additionally, your warranty is transferable if you should decide to sell your home during the warranty period.

You will also be able to rest comfortably at night knowing that your new Truland Home has also been built to rigorous hurricane standards, specifically designed to address the issues that may affect homeowners who live near the coastline. This ultra-high standard of construction is known as the Fortified Gold standard, as established by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety. In order to meet these hurricane-safety standards, Truland Homes builds homes under the exacting scrutiny of a “Fortified Evaluator,” assigned to oversee the construction of the structural integrity of each and every Truland home, from the ground up.

A few of the requirements that Truland Homes must meet to label your home as “Fortified Gold” includes (but is not limited to) using techniques to keep your home highly wind and rain resistant. Your home will also have extra care taken to attach your shingles, roof deck, chimney, and gables in such a way as to meet the rigorous Fortified Gold standards.

Best of all, this collection of structural and architectural standards must be photographically documented during the building process, prior to the structures being covered by interior or exterior fascia. This means you don’t need to take someone’s word that your home was built to meet the challenge of high winds, but you can sleep well, snuggled up comfortably with the documentation that your dream home actually is “Fortified Gold!”


Erica Pounder

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