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3 Storage Ideas When Customizing a Kids Room

Customizing a child’s room can be very exciting but overwhelming at the same time. One major area to consider is storage space. Many children have an abundant amount of toys, clothes, art supplies and books and all of these things can consume a large amount of space. Below are 3 storage ideas to assist in maximizing space in order to keep your floors clear of clutter.

  1. Organization: Toys tend to take up the most amount of space in a kid’s room. Utilize hampers, bins, baskets and shelving to organize toys. It is important to label what is in each container. For younger kids, place a picture that shows what is inside. This can be a car or blocks. Toy boxes are versatile, can go with any theme and can be reused as storage needs change. For maximum toy box storage, consider adding slots to separate items inside.
  2. Unconventional Space: It is important to think outside of the box when it comes to storage. You can always find more than typical dressers and bookcases. Walls for example can be used for more than just pictures and decor. Consider hanging baskets on the wall to store books, art supplies or dolls. Over door shoe organizers are a great place to put stuffed animals. Think of the closet vertically. Use hanging organizing cube to make space for shoes and clothing. Use baskets to store less used items on the top shelf.
  3. Furniture: When selecting furniture consider the size of the room. Always look for pieces that add storage. Bookcase headboards and under bed drawers are a great option. Select sleek bunk beds in shared rooms. Also, consider corner desks and benches.

To talk more about customizing your kids room, or any other room in your home, please contact us. Our design team is ready to help make your new Truland home the best yet!


Erica Pounder

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