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Picking the Perfect Floor Plan

There’s a reason floor plans are drawn by experts, the plan is the foundation (pun intended) of every custom home. When building a Truland custom home, choosing a floor plan will be an important decision which will affect the way you live when the home is complete. Before choosing a plan, give it some thought because if you do it right a house can play very intuitively to your needs as a home-owner. Here, we offer you a few suggestions to think about when choosing the best floor plan for your future Truland build.

Size of home that fits your family

Every families needs are different, and that’s why offer an extensive list of available floor plans for a Truland home build. Each floor plan can be personalized to suit your needs. When choosing a floor plan, start with how much space you expect you’ll want/need. Using our guide, found here, you can narrow down which floor plans are right for you based on square footage and price. Assess how many bedrooms you will require for your currently family, as well as potential future family- children, parents, company etc. Also pay attention to how many bathrooms you will require for your family as well as visiting guests. This should be the first consideration when choosing a floor plan to build your dream home.

How you want your house to flow

Every homeowner has a different style and thus preference as to how the home will flow. Meeting your needs is essential in establishing a home which you will love for years to come! Are you more traditional and thus prefer rooms separated by strict walls to create a compartmentalized floor plan, or are do you prefer a modern spin where the open floor plan allows rooms to flow into one another? Look at your home furnishings now, and imagine how you will decorate your future home- this way you can create an expectation which will allow you to narrow down your floor plan preference.

Look at layout, not finishes

When building with Truland, your agent will encourage you to visit model homes to get a real life view of existing Truland floor plans. When  you browse these model homes, be sure to base your decisions on how the house flows and feels functionally based on your needs. Don’t get caught up with the upgraded features or staging, pay attention to the basics and how your life would work in that space. Imagine the home in a stripped down fashion, and the form it would be in when you decorate it yourself.

Ask for assistance

When choosing a home for your family, trusting your instinct is important. If, however, you’re having a hard time choosing what is best- ask your agent! We’ll guide you one-on-one from concept to closure, and with experience comes expertise. While you may know what you want in your future home, design professionals are experienced with this process and can help you consider factors that aren’t necessarily perceptible by touch or sight. Our design professionals can help consider factors like energy costs and potential savings, location in regards to local resources etc. Things that may be overlooked otherwise. Truland wants you to build your best home possible, and will strive to do just that!

Keep in mind when choosing a floor plan that you may not find an existing plan that is just right, that’s why we offer plan modifications! Remember this when browsing existing plans, and speak to your agents about your needs, they’re sure to make your dream home become reality.

If you’d like to speak to us further regarding our existing floor plans, or building a Truland home, please contact us. We encourage you to live your best life, each and every day!


Erica Pounder

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