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Elegant Organization in 2018

Try these quick home organization tricks for maintaining an elegant and clutter-free home in 2018.

Designated Game Play

For a family who likes to play together, adding a gaming cabinet can be both functional and fun. The cabinet can hold board games, cards, etc. which can be easily utilized in regular family bonding. Designating a separate space for games will free up other areas of the room for storage, and allows the family a special and fun place for the family to enjoy quality time together.

Utilize Space Behind the Sofa

Never underestimate taking advantage of the space behind a sofa. It’s a space often overlooked, but can be the perfect spot for home organization or storage. Organize extra blankets or pillows in this accessible place, or place a trunk, cabinet or low bookcase behind the sofa to allow for extra storage. Placing a furniture behind the sofa allows you another surface to place a lamp, framed photos, house plants and more. It can work both as home organization and a design element alike.

Coffee Table Functionality

A coffee table is a great way to add a statement piece to your home while allowing your family more- hidden- storage. Coffee tables without any built-in storage can often make organizing your home more difficult than handy. The centerpiece to your living room is the perfect place to store remote controls, drink coasters, magazines, and more, and unfortunately without proper storage can act as a clutter zone. If you have a storage-free coffee table and can’t bear to part with it, consider adding low storage cubes or rolling baskets under the table- this way you benefit just the same from extra organization with ease.

Creative Bathroom Storage

Although every bathroom holds the handy towel rack, often times there just isn’t enough room for the family’s and guest’s towels and toiletries. Adding creative storage can provide great benefit in a bathroom space. Consider turning wicker or wooden baskets into wall-hung storage to hold your extra towels in an appealing fashion. This type of bathroom storage can be used as both home organization as well as a design feature. Look for storage units which match the decor of your current setup, and get to work! There’s always a space for bathroom organization, even in the smallest of bathrooms. Look no further than above the toilet to hang a storage unit to hold toiletries, towels, spare toilet paper and much more.

Shoe Storage

Shoes, we all wear them. We all know how they can accumulate into unnecessary piles. The good news is that the fix is simple! One of the fastest ways to fix bedroom storage is to incorporate a shoe storage rack into the closet. Adding an expanding tiered shoe rack below your hanging clothes and shelving units keeps shoes accessible and out of the way. This will tidy up your bedroom closet storage and allow you the peace of keeping things organized and tidy.

Rescue the Reading Chair

The infamous bedroom chair. A place intended to serve as a reading nook or relaxation spot often times quickly clutters with laundry, books and more. This can be easily remedied by adding proper organization to your bedroom’s reading nook. Provide yourself a comfortable chair, and place a side table with drawers or shelves next to it to keep clutter off the chair or floors. Drawers can have designated items to promote an uncluttered atmosphere all while offering the ease of knowing just where everything is at.

Make Your Bed

Possibly the simplest organizational trick to incorporate into any home…make your bed every day! Organization doesn’t always mean putting things away, but sometimes repositioning things for later use. Think of your bed as the key to your bedroom’s organization, as it is just that. Position your bed for use every day by spending a few minutes daily, tucking and folding, to ensure the development of a habit in keeping the order in your bedroom.

Paper Processing Area

Allow yourself and your family the ease of organization by creating a paper processing area in your home or home office. As we all know, paper tends to accumulate in -what seems like- all the wrong places. In creating an area within your work center for papers which need attention, you incorporate easy organization and peace of mind ensuring all items are tended to. Consider a small shelving or storage unit, and sort it into categories regarding how soon something needs attention.

Home organization is as good for your mental health as it is for keeping things tidy. An organized home allows you and your family the peace of mind that things are where they need to be while ensuring your home stays clutter-free and appealing to the eye and mind alike.

If you’re interested in speaking with our Truland team regarding building a custom home of your very own, please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.


Erica Pounder

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