Our Family of Brands

Cornerstone by Truland

At Truland Homes, our vision has always been to deliver a superior home and distinctive buying experience for our customers.  Our motivation has stemmed from the desire to build beautiful homes inspired by the families that live in them.  Recognizing that your needs and wants grow as your life unfolds, we have fashioned a line that allows your home to reflect your personal style. Cornerstone maintains the same level of quality and craftsmanship as our primary line, Truland Homes, while elevating the features that are important to you as the homeowner.

With Cornerstone, it’s not just about quality craftsmanship, it is the philosophy of the ideal home and nobody knows that better than you. We embrace the personalized touch of a seasoned homeowner, by allowing you the opportunity to enjoy a tailored building experience. Your carefully crafted plans will showcase your individual style. Then our passionate interior decorators in our Design Center will guide you in decision making for the finishes that are most important to you- truly making this a personalized approach to home buying.

Because life progresses differently for everyone, your home building experience should too. These differences make a Cornerstone home ideal, allowing you to build your legacy to enjoy for years to come. We want you to live your best life in a Truland home.

Aspire by Truland

From the beginning, Truland Homes has had a clear vision: to build beautiful homes inspired by the families that live in them.  We understand that what is essential in one stage of life may be different in the next, therefore, a family of home lines for each stage of life was established.

Knowing that every story starts somewhere, Aspire was forged to be the foundation of your homeowner journey. As the foundation, it is important your home is not only affordable, but also exceptionally built. Our Aspire line embraces the quality and attention to detail maintained by our primary line, Truland Homes. Our standards for excellence are perfect for families and individuals that desire more than the conventional experience when purchasing their home.

Our hope is that Aspire will allow you to enjoy your home buying experience with ease by letting you focus on this thing we call life while we focus on the construction details. Our plans have been crafted to be well-designed, open and reflect the latest trends and functionalities needed for your life.

We aspire to provide you a distinctive home buying experience rivaling the same sentiments you felt during major life milestones.  Whether it be a new career, settling down, or building a family--It is our goal to add your new home to this same list of important life memories. We want you to live your best life in a Truland Home.