Top Design Trends for 2018

Top Design Trends for 2018

Are you in the market for a new home in the alluring Southern Alabama or have you recently purchased a beautiful Truland Home? Great excitement comes along with moving into a new home, especially in terms of the design element. Your new home is a blank canvas, and you have the opportunity to decorate however you and your family please! With a fresh start in 2018, why not add some flare to your space and decorate your home with some fashionable trends in 2018!

Keep it green

While houseplants will never run out of style, decor featuring these green friends will be prevalent in 2018 home space design. Not only are plants a great way to add some spice and color to a room, but it’s also a great way to design on a budget. Try using colorful planters for your green pals, or get creative and hang them in front of a large, sunny window.

Statement Sofa

Furniture will work well in 2018 as a statement piece as oversized sofas and chairs make themselves familiar in family living rooms. With the desire for large open living spaces on the rise, these type of over-sized statement pieces are expected to make a big hit this year. Try a modern or antique styled piece, as both style trends are still fashionable in the new year.

Smart Lighting

It looks like automatic lighting controls are to be of the hottest lighting design trends in 2018. Not only do smart lighting controls save you money on energy, but they can be individually customized to create the best environment which may depend on the family, the time of year, and the time of day.

Crafty Art

In a world where places like Etsy make the handmade, homemade, custom items readily available, you may have noticed a rise in home design trends involving unique, custom pieces. Whether it be wall art, sculptures, ceramics, wood pieces or furniture (the list goes on…), we anticipate a rise in crafty art pieces  in 2018!

Open Shelves

With crafty art on the rise, looking for new ways to display those pieces will be a hot design trend in the new year. Consider showing off your beautiful dish collection with open kitchen shelves, which is a popular storage solution for modern and rustic kitchens alike. The same can be said for the bathrooms, consider open shelving and display your art in a practical way.

Frugal Luxuries

DIY has recently become all the rage, and that won’t see a finale come the new year. Repurposing furniture or design pieces remains an exciting design trend in 2018, and could even act as a good conversation piece. Whether you personally put your blood, sweat and tears into a piece or you pay another artist to do so, custom pieces remain highly sought after. This offers you a frugal way to still feel luxurious!

If you would like to speak with us further about customizing your new or existing Truland Home, please contact us. Our design team is eager to help make your Truland Home New Year ready!