September Six: Southern Alabama Attraction Guide

September Six: Southern Alabama Attraction Guide

Good news, fall has arrived! After a lengthy and balmy summer, surely we are not alone in celebrating the first breeze of this amazing fall season. In preparation for the good weather to come, here is a September Six: Southern Alabama Attraction Guide.

Dinosaurs in the Woods

Elberta, AL

Have you ever imagined driving down a beautiful country road and seeing dinosaurs coming out of the woods? Well, look no further than Elberta, AL! Mark Cline, creator of Dinosaurs in the Woods, was hired by George Barber here in Alabama to execute the creation and installation of several dinosaurs on his property. Surprisingly elusive, the dinosaurs are worth the visit! Along the drive, you’ll find several different dinosaurs which are located in areas which allow for safe pull off from the road to see the giants. Bring your camera, because these ancient beasts make for a great photo. Keep your eyes peeled for another fun attraction during your drive!


Elberta, AL

Bamahenge is essentially an identical visual representation of Stonehenge, in England. The designer, Mark Cline- also the designer of Dinosaurs in the Woods, ensured that Bamahenge were to be 21 feet tall and 104 feet across, the same sizes to the original. Bamahenge is also correctly aligned with the summer solstice. This incredible attraction, located about 200 yards off of the marina entrance road, is sure to entertain those of all ages- the fresh air in the middle of the woods helps too! With no explanatory signs, Bamahenge appears to it’s visitors as a mystery. Where did it come from? Who built it? What is it made out of? People ask these questions of Stonehenge in England, too. I encourage you to do a bit of research and educate yourself and your family of Stonehenge to make for an even more exciting experience!

U.S.S. Alabama Battleship

Mobile, AL

Pack a picnic and bring the family, you truly could spend all day here! This park is heavily staffed by veterans which allows you a first hand account of what time in service was like. This 45,000 ton giant’s warship stories are endless. Once home to a crew of 2,500 you can’t possibly imagine the magnitude of what this amazing experience is until you are inside of it. There is also a recreation park, park history, park memorial, tanks and artillery, aircraft pavilion- the list goes on. This one of a kind experience is one that definitely shouldn’t be missed! It certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s located on the absolutely beautiful Mobile Bay which provides an incredible view.

Crescent Theatre

Mobile, AL

There truly is no better way to watch a movie than on the big screen, in the comfort of a recliner, in the company of good folks with access to drinks, snacks and even wine and beer! What better way to unwind than to head to the Crescent Theatre for a relaxing movie going experience?

The Crescent Theatre provides the guests with a old timey, but modern movie experience which one must experience to appreciate. The only thing that makes this unique theatre even better is the passionate owner who joins in on the fun- even providing fun facts which may not be known by the moviegoer. All of the thought put into the guest experience is certainly appreciated by the community!

The Crescent Theatre: “...bringing you the best in independent film, locally-produced cinema and live performances.”

Check out The Crescent Theatre’s home page for information on upcoming attractions!

Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

Fairhope, AL

If you are looking to really get into nature, the Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve is a great place to do it! This organization is a Nationally Accredited Land Trust aiming to protect and conserve the banks of Alabama- bogs, marshes and estuaries etc. They offer guided and self-guided tours. These tours can be wet or less wet, depending on your preference- touring places like nature trails, wetlands, marshes, forests and bogs. They also offer locations to load kayaks into the water and explore a different perspective of Alabama’s beautiful water bodies and incredibly diverse habitats.

Styx River

Robertsdale, AL

Styx River is definitely a family favorite amongst those nature loving families here in Southern Alabama! Kayaking, canoeing, tubing, paddling, camping, rv parks, you name it- Styx River has it. Overnight kayak and canoe adventures are also available, if you prefer something a bit more intrepid. The adventures along the river allow you to explore white sandbars perfectly shaded by the forest and winding tree root lined banks. No city lights here, folks! Styx river is undoubtedly a fantastic place to return to nature, with so many options for everyone in the family.

Here at Truland Homes, we believe that it is of the utmost importance to live your best life! Hopefully these attractions allow you and your family the opportunity for an exciting, revitalizing or relaxing experience which brings everyone closer together.