Fill Two Needs With One Deed This Holiday Season

Fill Two Needs With One Deed This Holiday Season

Looking to get rid of stuff in the art of minimizing this holiday season? No better way than to do it all while benefiting others!

Consider the best place to donate your items.

Local Animal Shelters

 Local Animal Shelters in your area can really benefit from your old towels and blankets. Occasionally, shelters are also looking for donated items such as blu ray players, couches and chairs, rugs etc. as a means of making a ‘home’ comfort environment for the animals.

Call you local animal shelter to find out items of which they are in need!

...and maybe while you’re there you’ll also meet your new best friend!

Local Clothing Donation Centers

You won’t need to look far to find a donation center in your area which accepts your used clothing. Some centers accept donations of gently used clothing for resale- the proceeds from these centers typically fund a non-profit of some sort. Other centers simply accept donations for homeless shelters in the area. Consider which organization you’d like to support, and donate your (and your family’s) unused clothing there!

Local Home Good Donations Centers

Home good donation centers, like clothing donation centers, are prevalent in most communities and won’t be hard to find. You may be surprised in which items they will take off your hands for you! Research the website or call ahead to ensure your items will be accepted ahead of time.

As with clothing donation centers, which are sometimes combined all in one with home goods, consider which organization you’d like to support!

Local Children’s Organizations

If you have children who have outgrown toys, clothes, bicycles, etc.- search your area for an organization who helps local, less fortunate children and families. There’s a good possibility that there is boys and girls club right around the corner!

If you have trouble finding an organization to support, ask local schools, children centers and city officials- they’ll certainly be able to point you in the right direction.

Keep in mind this holiday season, that your trash could possibly be another’s treasure!

Fill two needs with one deed- declutter and donate!