Dragon Boat Races 2017

Dragon Boat Races 2017

It’s that time of year again...on June 10th, 2017 the annual Fuse Project Dragon Boat Festival is happening, starting at 8am! The dragon boat races take place at the USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park located on Battleship Parkway in Mobile, Alabama. The purpose of this Fuse Project is to provide an unforgettably enjoyable group fundraising experience for the Mobile/Baldwin area community members and businesses alike. The goal of the race is to compete in a team challenge against other local corporate or community teams in a battle on water raising money for children in our very own community!

    Competitors rave about the excitement, friendly competition and community

    spirit surrounding the sport. All ages, skill levels and physiques perfect their

    stroke and timing for the ultimate teamwork experience!

Dragon Boat Racing
With roots dating back some 2,300 years ago, dragon boat racing is an exhilarating, and unique cultural group event. A dragon boat is essentially a human-powered watercraft. These boats were traditionally made in the Pearl River Delta region of China out of teak wood in various designs and sizes; the majority of this wood was imported from Indonesia.  Nowadays, boats are made for competitive purposes as opposed to their original origins, and thus are made from a lighter substance- carbon fiber and other lightweight materials. These boats are often rigged with decorative Chinese dragon heads and tails for competition’s sake. Teams of people race in an authentic 46-foot long Hong Kong style dragon boats containing rowers, steerers and drummers.
The history of how dragon boat racing began certainly isn’t a dull story. There was once a poet named Qu Yuan who lived in the state of Chi, China. Under the threat of attack, the king asked Yuan’s advice. When the king was displeased with the advice he was given, he banished Yuan from the kingdom. After the banishment, when the poet was able to return to Chi, he found that the warring state had taken over. He drowned himself in the river on the fifth month of the lunar year, which is why the dragon boat race traditionally takes place this time of the year. When the people of Yuan’s kingdom realized he had drown, they started searching for his body by boat. In Chinese culture, the sun and the dragon are often shown together to represent energy. These things are often used in the traditional style of decoration on dragon boats.

Truland Homes & The Fuse Project

The past few years, we here at Truland have had the rewarding opportunity of participating with an incredible organization. This year alone, we have donated $2,250.00 to the Fuse Project which goes directly back to the children of our community! Fuse Project is a nonprofit 501C3 organization which is dedicated to the children along Alabama’s gulf coast. The project invests in resources which promote the health and well being, education, fitness, and social structure of our community’s children. In an effort to encourage a healthy environment in our community, the Fuse Project puts on various events throughout the year which benefit organizations aiding children in the Mobile and Baldwin County areas.

You can find the Fuse Project mission statement here.

We here at Truland feel that it is positively imperative to not only be involved in the community, but to give back in the ways that each of us are able. Giving back is about so much more than just legal tender, sometimes donating one’s time or expertise is more beneficial than any amount of money can bring. So please consider giving back to our community, and if you’re looking for an organization to get involved with...look no further! The Fuse Project is a wholesome, honorable and beneficial organization to have as a part of our community, and we hope that others are able to show their support too!

If you aren’t up for participating in rowing a dragon down the river, don’t feel amiss! There are plenty of family friendly activities at the festival for those who would rather watch the races from the shore. Fuse Project’s Dragon Boat Festival is a family-friendly, alcohol free event with a great deal of options for those who prefer staying dry. There will be food trucks, a petting zoo, jumpies, pony rides, and all the amazing exhibits that The Battleship has to offer!

For more information regarding the Fuse Project and the 2017 Dragon Boat Races contact Adrienne Golden, Executive Director at Adrienne@FuseProject.org or by calling (251) 265-FUSE .

If you would like more information on Truland Home’s participation in this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, please contact us.