Children of the World Hosts 19th Annual Chinese New Year Parade

Children of the World Hosts 19th Annual Chinese New Year Parade

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Come on out and celebrate the Chinese New Year with Children of the World!

On Saturday, February 21st, Fairhope will celebrate the Year of the Sheep. Children will parade through downtown Fairhope with their families. They will lend a hand making floats and throw candy and beads throughout the parade.

Chinese New Year, also know as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, officially begins on Thursday, February 19th. Traditionally, the festival was a time to honor both deities and ancestors. On the evening preceding Chinese New Year's Day, many Chinese families gather for a reunion dinner. It is also traditional for families to cleanse their homes to sweep away any ill-fortune. Windows and doors are decorated with red Chinese folk art and poetry verses, conveying themes of good fortune, happiness, wealth, and longevity.

“We’ve had people come from all over the U.S. for this parade,” said Pat Lee, Director of Adoption Programs at Children of the World. Children of the World is a nonprofit adoption and relief agency based in Fairhope, founded by Lee in 1996. She has placed over 1,600 children from foreign countries with adoptive families in the United States. Every year, Lee organizes festivities for the Chinese New Year.

Children of the World believes the birthright of every child is to be in a loving and nurturing home. The program seeks to restore this birthright to children who are abandoned or orphaned by uniting them with adoptive parents. For orphans who will never experience the joy of a family, Children of the World provides relief services through food, clothing, medicine, toys, and facility renovations.

Lee says that children from across the globe are adopted each year from the organization. Children of the World participates in many cultural celebrations—Russian, Central American, Indian, and many more. Every event welcomes children of all nations.

Bill Harrison, who has adopted from Children of the World, says that the annual Chinese New Year parade “has not only kept our child in touch with the culture of her origin, but has allowed her to join in with other adopted Chinese children to share their similar backgrounds, family experiences and adjustment experiences.”

“Their fellow Children of the World adoptees are their true family,” he continues. It’s similar across the international adoption spectrum. The Chinese New Year parade is the big parade, but Chinese children join in to participate in the Russian and the Latin American festivities as well.”

Join in the festivities and support Children of the World as they celebrate this exciting, time-honored tradition!

The parade will begin at 1:00 PM on Saturday, February 21st at the Fairhope United Methodist Church. For more information, visit here.