What to Expect

What to Expect

From choosing a floor plan to your final walkthrough, we’ll be there every step of the way. We'll listen to your thoughts and ideas, helping you perfect your dream.  Take a look at our guide for what to expect when buying a Truland Home.

1. Select a Community

Select a Community

All Truland communities are unique in their own way. Find out which communities offer the school district, pricing, homesite size, location and amenities like pools, parks and golf you are looking for.

2. Select a Plan

Select a Plan

The first step is contacting your community agent to help you in this process. Every plan has its own unique features. When looking at plans, you should narrow ideas down to plans that best meet the needs of you and your family. Needs to consider could be square footage, bedroom and bath count, studies, game rooms or second living areas. Every family is different so we are here to help you discover what you need!

3. Select a Homesite

Select a Homesite

Homesites come in many different shapes and sizes. The topography, size and amount of site that needs to be cleared of trees can affect the cost of the home. Once you pick your plan, your community agent will help you find a homesite where your plan can be built at the price you need.

4. Your Purchase Agreement

Your Purchase Agreement

Your community agent will prepare the purchase agreement and go over all the details, including time lines, required deposits.

5. Review Final Plans & Custom Engineering

Your plan will be engineered specifically for your location, site conditions and windstorm. After receiving your plans from engineering, you’ll meet with your personal project manager. This will be where we make sure you are happy with your plan before we begin construction. This typically happens two weeks within signing your contract. 

6. Red Line

Once you have approved your plans, your community agent will set up a meeting together with you and the project manager. Your community agent will be with you at this very important meeting. This is not a time to make changes, but rather to confirm with the project manager that the plans are correct and ready for building! The project manager will also go over placement of phone, cable, floor outlet, hose spigots, those types of items.

7. Design/ Lighting Selections

You are now ready for the fun! Your community agent will put you in touch directly with our Design Team to start making your selections. As a complimentary service, you will be given a generous amount of time with one of our professional interior designers (time allotted based on series of home). During your design consultation, you will make all exterior and interiors selections. Our designers will also provide you with contact information for our lighting company. Please keep in mind that any upgrades are required to be paid in full at the time of selections. 

8. Construction

After your home has started the building process, your community agent will be in touch with you every week to give you an update on your new home! Your community agent meets with the project manager every Wednesday and will report the progress to you!

9. New Home Demonstration

One week before your closing is scheduled, we want to personally introduce you to your new home for the first time. This gives you a chance to make final requests for finishing touches and allows us time to complete those requests.  

10. Final Walk Through & Closing

One day before closing, we walk through your home and let you give final approval that the home is everything you’ve dreamed of. You will go to Thrive Title Company to sign your closing documents and receive the keys to your new dream home!